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Known for its sound forestry practices, Guldenschuh Logging & Lumber offers the best in land management. About 30-40% of the timber that Guldenschuh harvests every year comes from a woodlot that the family has harvested before. The company does not contract any crew, everything is done by the family.
Don Guldenschuh


The process starts with Carrie Guldenschuh-Jeffery or Garrett Guldenschuh coming out to meet with each landowner to discuss their goals for the woodlot and also to determine what is best to maintain a healthy and productive woodlot. Guldenschuh Logging & Lumber prides itself on offering sound forest management.


Once an agreement is reached between the company and the landowner, Guldenschuh Logging & Lumber does something no other company in the area does. Carrie Guldenschuh-Jeffery will then send a certified letter to every neighbor of that piece of timber. This ensures there will not be a problem or dispute over a tree that will be harvested. This protects the company and the landowner.


Don, Garrett and Sam will then begin the harvest, laying out skid roads and directionally felling trees. Guldenschuh Logging & Lumber utilizes two Timberjack 240 Skidders, which are small enough to get in and out of forests without causing much damage, contrary to most other companies.


Timberjack 240 Skidder

Garrett Guldenschuh
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